Welcome to SHO-AIR International

Established in 1985, Sho-Air International has proudly operated as a transportation and asset management company specializing in the transport of Tradeshow and Event Material. The professionals of Sho-Air International are logistics experts. We have an unbeaten delivery track record, around-the-clock availability, a worldwide network and special services to meet all your event and asset management needs. As a premier and diversified forwarder, Sho-Air is uniquely capable of creating and executing a complete and customized package of service specific needs. We understand there is a lot at stake for our clients Events. Our job is to ensure our clients success! We succeed by adjusting to the ever changing needs of our clients by creating and delivering short, mid, and long term solutions. We execute and deliver by providing perfect service without exceptions or excuses. Sho-Air, we didn't invent transportation and asset management, we simply perfected it.