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Shipper Responsibility

Shipper acknowledges and understands the responsibility with declaration of goods is their liability held against declaration veracity and accuracy as it pertains to local, federal and regulatory requirements. This responsibility is nontransferable, may not be conveyed by proxy, agent or other, and bears all consequences associated.

  1. All shipments with international travel points bind the Shipper with the following responsibilities:

    • All shipment property, by piece, must be identified and listed on a Commercial Invoice or similar Declaration of Goods for import regardless if temporary or permanent;

    • Any additional shipment property whether acquired from purchase, loan or other, or if the property item has changed status from temporary to permanent or vice versa, must be reported to Sho-Air immediately and prior to any action or movement of the principle shipment for updated documentation and travel criteria.

  2. Failure to create and sustain a true and accurate Declaration of Goods for international transportation may result in one or more of the following consequences:

    • Shipment delay

    • Customs penalties

    • Levies

    • Shipment confiscation

  3. To avoid delays and or penalties, Shipper must report all items and orchanges to Sho-Air immediately and prior to any shipment movement. Failure to do so will render the Shipper liable and responsible for any penalty incurred.

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