There's more to international shipping than just language and customs. That's where Sho-Air's experienced staff soars above the competition.

International Expertise

Our multi-lingual core staff speaks languages native to nearly all countries on the American, European and Asian continents. We've also hand-picked transportation partners that provide us the presence and local knowledge required for successful global transportation. Most importantly, our staff and transportation partners meticulously focus on the details of your exhibit shipment to ensure it arrives exactly as your needs demand.

Dedicated Service Every Minute, Every Day, 365 Days a Year

Sho-Air leads the industry by meeting our delivery goals 99.3% of the time. You can rest assured all components of your exhibit will arrive at the destination you chose when you wanted it to be there. We do that by personally navigating your exhibit through the complexities of customs regulations and documents. We assign an entire team of global transportation specialists who locate and verify where your materials are at all times and in all locations. Sho-Air professionals are in-touch with your exhibit and available to you 24 hours a day, every day! That way, we're prepared with information you need to know before you need to ask.

Distinctive Services Match Your Special Needs

Whether by telephone, fax, pager, e-mail, telex, the world-wide-web, or in person, we connect with you so you can connect with your shipment. We're on site at most major trade shows and available by request at smaller shows. Sho-Air never leaves you stranded.

Whatever your needs are, we match them with a range of available shipping options. When your exhibit is an odd shape, tips the scales, needs to be there now, or otherwise demands unique handling, Sho-Air goes the extra mile to make it happen intact and on time.

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